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uo free shards

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1. Either


a) If you currently have UO installed on your computer, patch up to OSI's servers.

cool.gif If you do not have UO currently installed on your computer, either install from your CD and patch up, or, if you do not have a CD, you can download the UO client from:








NOTE: if either of these are not working, just find the free 15 day trial of UO available somewhere by doing a search, dont worry about the name and password they send you , you wont need it



2. Download UOGateway http://www.uogateway.com/

and then run it


3) Find Acropolis the Dark Shard in server listing and double click it


4. Double Click it again from the favorites area


5. Type your desired account name/password directly into UO. This will be your account.


The best two servers imo are

in por ylem

and Acropolis


I play acropolis mostly

and only when Im bored , but hey its ok

btw macroing is legal go download uo razor or journal macro and get a few gm skillz wink.gif

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lag is fine

well at least on the more popular shards like In Por Ylem, the connection is 100mb/sec so they have about 500-1000 people online


I quit playing acropolis now I only play in por ylem

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I was a huge fan of Ultima 7 and solidered thru the crap ultima 8.


I followed the development for UO for like 3 years then realized had to pay monthy for it, so your sayin you can play completly for free nowadays? No need to dole out credit card #'s?



*edit* IS the 15 DAY free trial the FULL client?

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Yeah the 15 day trial is the full client, get the 2d version since many of the player run shards wont accept 3d.... yeah its completely free on player run shards you access them through the program 'uo gateway'


The game isnt that awesome, its 1996 stuff really, so dont expect much.

But its something to do if youre bored, kinda like SS I guess, you can also get sucked into it like SS


Ive settled into Acropolis and Waiting on Awaken Lands to come out of beta

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