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story of a friends coworker


She was extremely rude to all the customers and the average conversation between her and other associates went something like this:


Me: "Hey there Shaquina. What time do they have you scheduled today?"

Hambeast: "It's none OF yo business what TIME I'm working today. "

Me: "Ummm... ok. Uhhh do you have the keys to the game cabinet? I think a customer wants a game."

Horrible beast who is also made from ham: "Yes I have the keys! What do you think I'm stupid OR something? I'll get them a game when I'm good AND ready so you best back off "


Eventually I learned to stop talking to her for any reason or even make eye contact. The smallest things would send her off into a rage which she would take out on everybody around her at the time, including customers. You'd never know what might set her off either so it was best to just ignore her. Every now and then a customer service manager would call and ask for us to send someone from our department up front to work register so I did my best to make sure it was her.


On top of all of this Shaquina was not only ill-tempered but unconscionably stupid as well. In the 3 or 4 months where she was with us in electronics she never figured out where one single movie, game, or cd went. She didn't know the first thing about electronics and would often argue with coustomers about stupid things like whether or nor Playstation 2 games would work on a Gamecube. I could forgive her for that if she hadn't asked to be put in electronics in the first place. Her stupidity didn't end in her ignorance of all things electronics however; if a customer rang up a $200 item and then decided they didn't want it, rather than voiding it out and waiting for a CSM to override it she would just hit the cash button and close the door, causing the registers to be off by hundreds of dollars by the end of the night. Her idea of working was getting a shopping cart, taking movies off the shelf and throwing them in there and then leaving said cart in the middle of an aisle. When questioned about why she was doing that she claimed that the movies were overstock, which makes no fucking sense whatsoever: if it's on the shelf, it can't be overstock! When pointing this out to her she'd flip out and shout that some big imporatant manager told her to do it. The rest of us would have to put the movies back out, so basically all she did was make more work for everyone else. After a few months they sent her up front permanently because register was the only thing she knew how to do, and even that was sketchy.


Now that you have some background information on Shaquina, let us get to some more recent events. Yesterday when arriving to work one of the women I work with came up to me right after punching in and said "Did you hear about Shaquina?" Since I hadn't worked on wednesday so I really didn't know what she was talking about. I figured that she probably went off on a manager or something and finally got fired. Oh how I wish that was the case because my mind was scarcely prepared for what I was about to hear. "They FOUND her IN the bathroom, WITH a plunger." Oh boy I didn't like where this was going. "Shaquina FOUND out that she was pregnant. During her lunch HOUR she went IN the bathroom AND tried TO give herself an abortion WITH a plunger! They FOUND her IN there, passed out IN a pool OF blood." Just one moment before a wave of horror and disgust had time to wash over me I thought for one brief second "Boy, I hope they threw that plunger away!" At first I couldn't allow myself to believe that something so monumentally fucked up could happen in the same store where I work but the managers actually confirmed that that is what happened. Now at first I got the hillarious yet disturbing image of her with a plunger on her twat, trying to plunge the fetus out of her uterus but apparently she used the stick end of it. I felt incredibly sorry for whatever poor bastard had to clean that mess up. I think finding a half naked fat black women with a plunger half way up her cooter passed out in her own pool of blood far surpasses any nasty shit that any janitor has found waiting for him in a bathroom stall.


Anyhow she was rushed via ambulance to a hospital and I really have no idea what her condition is. I always suspected she had some kind of mental problems but no way did I think in a million years that she'd be crazy and stupid enough to attempt something like that, especially at work! What the hell was she thinking, that she could go plunging for fetus and then go back to work as if nothing happened? Secondly, what the fuck did I do wrong in a previous life that I should have to be around people who do shit like this? I really did consider quitting right then and there, can you blame me? I don't wanna be around shit like this. Unfortunatley there really is no other place to work around here and I'd have no other way to pay for school if I left. Well I just figured I'd share my "WORK horror story TO END ALL WORK horror stories WITH you." Besides I know what big fans you all are of homemade abortions gone wrong. As for me I'm never going near another Walmart bathroom again.

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I knew it was vals shit


I know so many blue vests they all have fucked up stories of that place

They are all either fired or quit or gone insane now, watch out

oh yeah if not the above, then they are fat rednecks living in trailers, but no matter

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