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J^F vs Shy predicts

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the game will begin

abadx will kill shala 3x and she will get kicked to spec. At this point she will be so infuriated and aggravated and attracted to the entire membership of the j^F team that she will begin to priv msg all of them, especially Trashcan Man, with requests for cybersexual interaction/favors.


J^F will begin to discuss this addition to the harem of J^F sex kitten groupies in red chat, which will be distracting, causing arcadian to smash into a bomb or two and be reduced to the yellow range of energy. This will be climax of the match for shy.


With their leader disabled and in hornymode, Shy organization will be assumed by that one anonymous player whose name I can't remember but begins WITH an R. He will be doing fine until his little sister comes INTO the room AND FOR NO apparent reason contacts his head WITH a basketball. This will happen repeatedly until he gets up FROM the computer TO chase her.


While he IS away elmokupo will hop INTO the game ON an aliased nickname AND BEGIN shooting AT the J^F people IN a spider. He will be able TO do this because he has an old SWZL referee alias FROM back WHEN PT-109 ran the ZONE that mackieman has overlooked AND failed TO REVOKE. He will *shipreset himself repeatedly AS the JF'ers attempt to kill him and he will kill someone, thereafter they will run away from him. Eventually he will lag to spec.


Following this event, everyone in Shy will bitch about interference and demand a rematch, except shala who will have already departed to #sexkittens to engage in private communications involving roleplaying with duds and gold leader. While the members of shy are bitching, coobah will sub in and kill them, thus becoming the MVP.


Then the R-guy's little sister will have won the IRL basketball fight AND will chain him TO the stairs AND assume control OF the keyboard. She will fly WITH rockets cleanly INTO walls while J^F out OF pity refuses TO kill her. This will be NO good source OF boredom AND eventually deaf will sub IN, burn ALL OF his specials, AND kill her by surrounding her WITH mines AND luring her INTO them.


The score will END 12 deaths FOR Shy, 12 kills FOR JF, 1 death FOR JF, 1 kill FOR elmokupo.


Shala duds AND gl will return TO the arena just IN TIME TO see the I LIKE it big banner.


Umm there IS MORE but the important things have already been said so yup

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The french have never won a battle, shala won't break that tradition


French won lots OF battles

joan OF arc, napoleon, Louis XIV campaigns...



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