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Pharaoh's Legacy

SWZ Force

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Star Warzone is the greatest zone in subspace. It's Force, though, has dwindled. When the SWZ Force is strong, it's power is exceptional. The strength of the Force draws players into the zone in great multitudes and makes the flagging experience unparalleled.


Our mission is to give the SWZ Force back it's strength.


The basic principles of the SWZ Force are those in which the zone was founded on and flourished under in the zone's beginnings. They are those a champion would accede to and a coward would find excuses not to accept.


The basic principles of the SWZ Force are these:

  1. SWZ is a flagging zone first and foremost.
  2. It is your skill if you win. Flagging is a fight to have your team collect and drop all the flags. Find a way to do it.
  3. It is your fault if you lose. If the other team drops all the flags first, blame yourself. It takes your skill, not their pity, to prevent the other team from winning.
  4. Points are important. They illustrate who winners are. You can win lots of points by 1) winning many games without milking, or 2) milking to inflate the jackpot and winning the occasional big game. Do what is fun for you. Milk at your own risk, never out of pity.
  5. How you play is important. SWZ is great the way it is, though not beyond improvement. Further greatness in maps and settings are up to the staff/developers. Greatness in the gameplay is up to the playerbase.

The details - the plan of attack - on how our principles will impress upon the zone will be released once the SWZ Force is gathered. When the Force is ready, it will be launched into SWZ in one strong attack aimed at obliterating any opposing forces.


All you need to know now is that to be a part of the SWZ Force, you must have a passion for flagging the way we did when SWZ was at it's peak - when the SWZ Force was strongest. You must be determined to see SWZ that way again.


This is a joint effort by the most passionate players in SWZ to make it great again, no matter what their differences may be.


If the Force isn't in you, then may it be with you.


If it is, then this is your destiny.



To join the SWZ Force, Click here.


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