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On "honor".

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The other day, a player said to me, "I thought you had more honor than that." (He was referring to a 2v3 flag game I had won, ending the center game that was going on partly by flying ~1/4th of the way around the border before reentering center). That hurt, because it was a player I respected, and I wasn't able to reach a satisfactory resolution. However, that is not the point of this post.


Force is not about winning flag games. It is about making them fun, and it is about something more subtle: changing the attitude of SWZ. Pharaoh's Legacy and I both agree that one of the main contributors to flagging not being fun (and population being low) is the attitude of the players. We want to invent a new attitude, and we want to spread it by force of example.


"Honor" in this game seems to me to be the polar opposite of "lame". I.e. if you are "lame", you have no "honor", and vice versa. That makes it not much better of a term. I have previously tried to get some discussion going (unsuccessfully) about what exactly "lame" means, but currently my opinion is something like this: "lame" means "unfair" from the perspective of the person using it. It is a subjective term, and it varies from player to player (though there are some things many players agree on). The term "honor" is just as subjective.


Some of those things that the majority of players agree on being lame do not coincide with our principles; in fact they go against them. These are the ideas we want to change. They are the ideas that contribute to making SWZ an elitist environment full of players who have forgotten how to have fun together without getting caught up in whose fault something is.


We are here to define a new "honor". Our honor will be based on respect towards all players. It will be based on doing everything you can to help your team win. It will be based on taking accountability for your actions (or inactions), and sticking it out with your team to the bitter end... and beyond.


We are going out to try and win flag games. But we are also there to try and start them anew. What is important is not what we are doing, but how and why we are doing it. Unless we take these ideas to heart, we will only be seen as a makeshift squad of "point whores" and "lamers".


So don't lose sight of our real purpose.



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