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favourites list........feel free to add me to yours!

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ppl that try to be funny but always sound gay




bah wtf sad.gif


hahhahahahhaah right after u made me change my post someone says it again!!


come on waldo even u gotta admit thats funny

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fyi zeta started swzl


but anyway



WTF Im not in any lists!

Im just as funny as dudley wtf ;( I trained him up even to be funny wtf ;(


What about coolest mod ever? WTF you losers =-p



omfg im gonna cry...

Not even most weird guy or something small like that...


screw you guys, Im goin home!


PS I know Im the best flagger ever if nothing else no matter what any of you think Im better than even trint bite me! MUHAH...


jk just add me to best psychopathic hermaphrodite section and mod most likely to abuse powers to have fun in twisted ways k thx

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oh yeah here is my list tho sorry for the outburst i cant control myself sometimes


coolest ss person ever [[that isnt me]] : Dudleydoright

studliest person with ripped bod in ss ever: dudleydoright

person with biggest male sex organs in ss ever: well ask als for the pics I sent k $$

coolest squad ever: Gold Squadron only ppl who were on it know this is true

coolest squad now: Jedi Force, what can I say Gold Squad ppl plus a bunch of psychos from kittens and a dutch dude $$

Worst Squad to be on ever: Zeta Squadron wtf was I thinking

my favorite center killing ppl: DCR because of the insults even if he gets owned its funny. So what if everdream and arc are better or whoever. Its about the insults! $$

coolest stories: dudleydoright you gotta know this man is a natural story teller he is a disciple of Tucker max $$

hottest chic: ALS oh yeah.... I spank it to her pics occasionally $$

person with biggest ego: ME + PilotX (my alt name)

best flagger ever (WHO ISNT ME, DUMMIES!): Trint, Elmokupo, Fat Kat

Mod I dont like the most: all of them except dudley they all suck like nazi pig pie chute molesters right! actually my least favorite is mackie and my most favorite is splice -and no i dont consider myself a mod just a weirdo with modpowers, who runs cool events cuz he is bored

person who i just wish would stfu: anyone who says im wrong about these categories in any way

favorite person to concoct a extremely detailed fantasy life with while taking on a female persona and fooling many people into believing it including ourselves: dudleydoright

squad i wish i had started: cantina band $$$$

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sorry man you just seem lame sometimes ever since you quit JF I guess its like wtf , and my personal pet peeve is people who type in chat rooms with periods, you gotta quit that shit haha =p

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Nice to talk to: Wanderito, Algar (deft movement), Arcadian, SOM, Mij, Mom., fox, shala


Nice to annoy: Raynor, Ma$e


Take me too serious: Raynor


Need hair cuts: All the dutchies


Lamest: everdream


Best duelers: everdream, arcadian, wanderito, dyrus, poserwannabe


Best flaggers: SOM, mij, mmd, blackale


funniest: mackieman


Mod that has helped me the most: Mom.! especially in english tongue.gif


Most inactive squad: The Genocide :/


Best duel teacher: Wanderito, Machine-

Funniest to listen brag: lone star, ma$e


Annoying: Sonics_


sexiest: y1


best chess player: NV


Squad to win next swzl: ORION




enough, I have summer reading to do tongue.gif[/b]

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i like(d):


- y1

- gold_leader

- a blonde chick


- old gold squadron, incs!, various members of ORION, etc

- captain harloch before he was well-known

- poserwannabe when he actually cared

- DCR when he actually cared

- Trint

- Ma$e, when he doesn't have a bloody crotch

- yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo [however many yo's there are, i forgot]

- kula. biggrin.gif

- Levitcus

- Arcadian

- Arcannon

- <3<3 Mom. <3<3

- d'syx

- i miss dudley! :/

- elmo WHEN he isn't being queer + stoned + rambling.

- the maryland stoned continuum organization tongue.gif


+ much more, I don't have TIME FOR this. tongue.gif

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