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Atrari Sex Tongue Twisters by J^F

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1:dudley-do-right> Im so ganna get my old atari working again

1:dudley-do-right> and get this game going


1:Gold_Leader> cool

1:Gold_Leader> omg

1:Gold_Leader> i need that!

1:dudley-do-right> haha

1:Gold_Leader> that is so cool

1:dudley-do-right> you know people would be coming over just for the sole purpose of playing it

1:Gold_Leader> hell yeah

1:dudley-do-right> haha heres a screenshot


1:Gold_Leader> wtf you beat off on passing nude chics??? WHAT GENIUS!!!

1:dudley-do-right> that had to have sold like... dozens... of games

1:dudley-do-right> I so fucking want one

1:dudley-do-right> for my porn collection

1:Gold_Leader> I wonder if you have to fight some bosses that are like giant pussys or big nazi whip wielding pale pasty fat chics

1:Gold_Leader> say that 3 times fast

1:dudley-do-right> haha

1:dudley-do-right> lol damnit i cant

1:dudley-do-right> big nazi whip wielding pale pasty fat chics

1:dudley-do-right> post that on the message board

1:dudley-do-right> and see who can say it three times fast

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