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-=an ongoing chat=-

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here is a chat me and rev and umma have been talking bout for a few days...


please read this, it makes some sense.


6:Revenger> lots of ppl wanted swzdl, and now nobody cares abotu it

6:Revenger> there are alot of ppl that care about swz, there are alot of new ppl, but they are alot of spereate ppl, not big squads

6:Quickshot*> well the lil squads are getting bigger

6:Quickshot*> defrost, tek12, spindle

6:Revenger> i am thinking a flag league woudl be more succesful if it wasnt' a draft league

6:Quickshot*> they ARE getting up there

6:Revenger> ya, but will they be able TO show 9 ppl every week?

6:Quickshot*> NO idea we (spindle) don't even have 9 yet i don't think

6:Quickshot*> i am actively looking though

6:Revenger> what happened TO ALL teh dark siege ppl?

6:Quickshot*> arc disbanned ds i think

6:Quickshot*> ant woudl know, but he IS afk i think

6:Revenger> well, RIGHT now FOR a swzfl we have orion, inc, emi, zeta, spindle, defrost, tek-12

6:Revenger> an eg squad woudl most likely JOIN

6:Quickshot*> i am unsure if inc has enough TO play

6:Revenger> AND kula's hz squad too

6:Quickshot*> they are real inactive

6:Quickshot*> there is just bout umma, waldo, ik*, and subby

6:Revenger> would't som help inc IN a flag league? jf woudl NOT play fl

6:Quickshot*> adf comes IN every now AND THEN

6:Quickshot*> maybe

6:Quickshot*> NOT sure

6:Quickshot*> but the thing IS, would it be squad related, OR a draft league?

6:Revenger> i think squad related woudl keep ppl MORE active, sense OF pride IS much better

6:Revenger> i know that IS what keeps me interested IN leagues

6:Quickshot*> yea, but draft will show who IS the best flaggers, NOT who IS the best squad

6:Revenger> the best overall team IS what IS important? NO? smile.gif

6:Quickshot*> sure..=P

6:Revenger> u shoudl know, being in inc before

6:Quickshot*> yea...

6:Revenger> if it we to be squad related i think another swzfl-only squad would form

6:Quickshot*> who knows

6:Revenger> i coudl see it happeneing

6:Quickshot*> yea but who would be on it

6:Quickshot*> most the good flaggers are taken

6:Revenger> maybe the remaining inc members plus some others

6:Quickshot*> yea...

6:Revenger> just seeing the way swzdl si failing is what makes me think this, there were ALOT of ppl really excited abotu it and now only one or 2 teams even care abotu it

6:Quickshot*> i just wonder why

6:Quickshot*> it is essentially the same as swzl right?

6:Revenger> yup, except ship rules

6:Quickshot*> hmm./..see i just don't get it

6:Quickshot*> mabe we should think but making it another swzfl not a draft league

6:Revenger> ya, thats my opinion, i just think it woudl do better

6:Quickshot*> how many members sader light got?

6:Revenger> lemme check

6:Revenger> 8 ppl

6:Quickshot*> ok

6:Quickshot*> what would u say, at least 12 ppl per squad to be able to play well?

6:Revenger> spindle has 15, emi geno and zeta 134 each, bs 10

6:Revenger> 13 each*

6:Revenger> 12 to 15 minimum for flagging

6:Quickshot*> we only got 12

6:Quickshot*> but that is ok

6:Quickshot*> emi has 134 members?

6:Revenger> i corrected myslef 13

6:Quickshot*> ahh

6:Quickshot*> haha

6:Revenger> not sure if geno woudl join a league though

6:Quickshot*> not sure if they got enough

6:Quickshot*> ant?

6:Quickshot*> ummster?

6:Quickshot*> umma?

6:Ummagumma> ?

6:Quickshot*> were you paying attention when me and rev were talking?

6:Ummagumma> no

6:Quickshot*> ohh ok nvm then

6:Ummagumma> I will read back

6:Quickshot*> awesome

6:Ummagumma> what were you guys talking about

6:Quickshot*> the league we are proposing

6:Ummagumma> and what did you decide

6:Quickshot*> well we can't really just decide on our own

6:Ummagumma> well what ideas did you come up with

6:Quickshot*> just saying it seems more resonable to play it as a squad league than a draft league

6:Quickshot*> no?

6:Ummagumma> with what squads

6:Revenger> just saying how swzdl seems to really be losing intrest and there was alot fo big imtrest in that before it started, dont' want that to happen to a flag league as well

6:Quickshot*> well we thought that there was, orion, zeta, spindle, tek12, defrost, geno, and maybe inc can come together with the players within jf that want to flag in the league

6:Quickshot*> plus there would be at least one frmo another zone

6:Revenger> i just hear alot of ppl saying that they woudl make more of an effort to show to matches to represent their squad than a draft team

6:Ummagumma> swz doesnt have enough squads to make a league with

6:Revenger> orion, zeta, emi, geno, defrost, spindle, tec12 inc/jf, and a eg squad is 9 squads

6:Revenger> plus kula's hz squad

6:Quickshot*> 10 would be perfect for brackets

6:Quickshot*> also i was thining, you know how many players are saying wait till new settings, etc.

6:Quickshot*> what if we keep swz settings (plus umma's changed) and say it is old swz flagging league

6:Quickshot*> give the squads sometime to work out the new settings before dropping a league on their laps with the new settings

6:Revenger> what is umma's changed?

6:Quickshot*> smaller ship 7 and one cap ship

6:Revenger> oh

6:Quickshot*> i think ship 7 is 1x1

6:Quickshot*> right umma?

6:Quickshot*> well he is playing again

6:Quickshot*> but what ya think rev?

6:Quickshot*> cause you know at first most ppl won't like new settings and will need time to adjust

6:Quickshot*> if we give them a league with old settings i think it would work

6:Revenger> if we really want it to suceed i think it woudl work better if we had it after the next swzl

6:Quickshot*> that is like 7 months away

6:Ummagumma> there would probably be just as many no shows in a squad league as there would with a draft

6:Quickshot*> plus me (and others) are feeling this is all dueling in this zone now

6:Revenger> i will support it either way




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you guys have a point there...I have heard alot of people say they would show more to support their squad , than with a draft . and with the number of squads going up we may have enuff for a swzfl .

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talked with umma, and we came to the conclusion that it has absolutly no point in hosting a swzdfl right now with this sucky pop. We need to get atleast 160 ppl to signup. and atleast 70-60 % should be active of those 160. I dont think thats the case right now, and a swzfl would work better also me thinks.



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Agreed on the status of SWZDFL. It just can't happen RIGHT now.


AS far AS the regular SWZFL. That would be a joke AS well. Most OF the active flagging squads have about 10 people. The other bigger ones, already have said they ARE disinterested IN participating IN a flagging league.


Plus we also have TO give thanks TO those that proposed TO have a SWZL. It was a low class move TO undermine us AND make sure we couldnt succesfully run ANY flagging league.


AT this point I think we have run out OF options.

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I know alot of ppl didn't want TO wait so long but I think another SWZFL would WORK well if we host it after the upcoming SWZL. We may have TO wait a while but those NEXT active squads will probably GET SOME MORE ppl by the TIME SWZL IS over. I think it could happen after SWZL.



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